Diary & Symptom Tracker (Black & White Version)

$32.49 $64.95

Our printer made a mistake, oops.

The exact same Diary and Symptom Tracker you all know and love at just half the price, and printed in black and white! 

As we aim to reduce waste we thought this would be the best thing to do!

Made in Australia this hybrid diary and symptom tracker has been designed by Spoonies for Spoonies.

Use this discrete A5 sized journal daily to record & track your illness and symptoms. 

This 12 month diary features both daily and monthly tracking pages which aid in monitoring a range of symptoms including pain, fatigue, anxiety as well as lifestyle behaviours comprising of food intake, exercise and libido. This allows you to recognise trends and potential triggers for your symptoms and illness. 

A great resource to bring to appointments as it makes it easy to access your information in only a few moments. Not only does it have space to record your medical team, you can also record all your medications & past or upcoming surgeries and procedures. 

Another amazing thing about the diary is the kick ass illustrations done by the very talented Chan Sondhu Designs to put a smile on your face.

We can't give away all of our secret's but we can't wait for you to start using this amazing diary!

Designed & manufactured in Australia

Since this isn't timely to any year, you can start using this diary at any day, just flick to today's date and off you go!

For example - if you purchase on FRIDAY October 2nd 2020, you can flick over to October 2nd and start using it. If you purchased on SATURDAY October 2nd 2021 you can still use this same diary as the day of the week isn't listed in the diary - Just the date!