Slugzilla by Slug Lounger


The Spoonie Society is so excited to stock the recently launched Slug Lounger pillows in a range of 6 beautiful colours that are available in both the ’Small’ and ‘Large’ Pillows.

This is not any regular pillow, this is THE premium pillow that you will love for the rest of your days. 

Who Can Use 
 - Chronic injuries
 - People who struggle with quality sleep
 - Breastfeeding
 - Pregnancy
 - Anyone who needs a bit more comfort in their lives!

The Best Bits
 - Moulds and conforms to your body shape
 - Contours from your head to your feet for ultimate support
 - Can be used anywhere in the home including your bed, couch, armchair, and anywhere you desire
 - May reduce pressure and pain felt in joints and muscles
 - So soft it’s like you’re floating on a cloud

Let’s Talk Features
 - Slug Lounger pillows feature a triangular base because who doesn’t want to be unique
 - 100% Micro polystyrene bead filling
 - Removable cover for easy machine washing (Spandex & Polyester)
 - Lightweight at only 1.2 kgs
 - 140cm in length x 66cm circumference 

*Please note small size discrepancies can occur.