Reversible Wrap Around Heat Pack - Blue Camo


Sooooo, you’re looking for a hot & cold pack that’s 100% Australian and can be secured around your waist for hands free movement? Why don’t you wrap one of our Lupins Heat Packs around your waist today!

New 2 in 1 Wrap Around has a neutral colour on one side and an iconic print on the other so you can display your new item however you feel, necessary.  Whether it's a subtle neutral and a bold print for the office, when you are feeling low, we have you covered!

Please note this heat pack is NOT two individual wrap-around hot & cold packs but one wrap-around hot & cold pack with two different prints on either side.

Meet your new favourite spoon saver. A must-have for your home, office and wherever else you need to chill out.

Lupins do not smell or sweat when heated! In fact, you probably haven't even heard of them! This is because they’re a secret! Lupin filled Heat Packs have an impressive list of benefits that make them THE GOAT for heat packs.
  • They are natural, 100% Australian grown and don't have any chemicals so they're safe to use
  • They retain heat longer than wheat and rice filled heat packs.
  • They don’t sweat while you're trying to get comfy.

For ultimate chillin', they can also be used as a cold pack. Just place it into a freezer bag and store in the freezer.

Size Small - Recommended for Women Size 6-10 | Men Size XS-M
Size Medium - Recommended for Women Size 12-20| Men Size L - XXL
Size Large - Recommended for Women size 20-26   | Men Size XXL - 5XL


How to heat your Spoonie Society Pack video below-
How To: Heat Your Lupin Filled Heat Pack

Keep instructions and read carefully.
Take care when in use and heating.

All heat packs are handmade so not every heat pack is the same - Print Directions may vary as we aim to minimise wastage. 
Designed & manufactured in Australia.