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The Endo Chats Podcast


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Welcome back to SEASON 2 of The Endo Chats Podcast! For this episode, we are talking all things endometriosis with Dom and Helene from The Spoonie Society. In October 2020 they decided to create a business @thespooniesocietyau that supports others with a chronic illness in taking back control of their lives with products such as symptom trackers, life-changing wrap around heat packs and, most recently, a colouring book that celebrates inclusivity. They've created a multimillion-dollar business, outgrown multiple warehouses, employed other people with chronic illnesses and become great advocates for the endometriosis community all while facing their own setbacks. On this episode we talk about:

• Dom and Helene's journey to diagnosis and the outcomes of their most recent surgeries 
• How The Spoonie Society was created and how it has grown
• What is a 'Spoonie'?
• Ketamine fusions and egg freezing  • Endo and finances
and much, much more! 


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