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Mother's Day Gift Guide 🌻

Mother's Day Gift Guide 🌻

With Mother's Day coming up we know how challenging it can be sometimes choosing the right gift so we have done the hard work for you! Checkout our suitable items below to help pick the best gift for your loved one.


Neck Heat Pack

Our neck heat pack is a great staple heat pack for anyone! It can be used both hot and cold and can be used at the end of a long day to help you destress and forget all your worries. We have a range of different prints available and we are certain you will find one that you love

Rectangle Heat Pack

Our rectangle heat packs are great for everyone or any age! It is our most versatile heat pack by far and can be used by literally everyone! Stomach? Knee or even foot? Our rectangle is amazing for any purpose and our amazing prints to choose from make our rectangles a great home decor piece too 

Hand Warmers

 Like our other heat packs these babies can be used hot or cold. They are not only great for your hands but great for anyone breastfeeding. They are small enough to tuck in anywhere or light enough to place on your forehead for when a migrane hits.

Gift Card

Unsure what to get your mum? Why not pick yourself up a gift card and let your loved one decide what they want. We have three values to pick from, $30, $50 and $100 and we know your loved one will be thankful. As they are valid for 12 months they are a perfect gift if you're waiting on any of new products to launch!

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