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How To Spoil Your Special Someone This Valentine's Day If They Have a Chronic Illness

How To Spoil Your Special Someone This Valentine's Day If They Have a Chronic Illness

How to spoil your special someone this Valentine's Day if they have a chronic illness

There’s no doubt about it, Valentine’s Day is big business. And why not? Who doesn’t love love? As commercial as the day may be, most of us relish in the chance to show our special someone how much we care. For some of us though, that special someone may be struggling with a health issue allergy or chronic illness. 

“The challenge for these individuals is exacerbated at times and this be the case on Valentine’s Day,” says psychotherapist Dr Karen Phillip, who also has Type 1 Diabetes. 

“They want to be healthy and happy for not only themselves but for the person they care for and who cares for them so much.”

But, says Dr Phillip, it’s important to be flexible with any arrangements you make as your special someone may experience a ‘bad’ day and be unable to go out with you where you had planned. 

“Therefore, consider having a Plan B in case they need to remain at home. Dinner, music, candles can make any Valentines night memorable.”

Here are some other great ideas to spoil your special someone. 

  1. A night at the movies. “Maybe buy tickets to the Comfort Cinema so you can both kick back, eat some delicious snacks, and watch that movie they’ve wanted to see,” suggests Dr Phillip. “This can be a good selection if they are unwell on Valentines day.”
  2. The traditional stuff. “You can always feel safe with flowers, bubbles in a bottle, extravagant personal toiletries, and perhaps chocolate,” says Dr Phillip.  “Chocolates do come in milk free, gluten free and sugar free so most people can be catered for.” Alternatively, you could opt for a bouquet of balloons.
  3. Treat your body. Give your love the gift of a few less aches and pains with our Valentine’s Day bundle. Featuring our infamous Wrap around hot and cold pack, Neck pack and My-grain mask in a never to be repeated candy heart print.
  4. Listen for hints. Keep an ear out for any comments prior to Valentine’s Day on what your love may enjoy. “Perhaps they’d love a relaxing massage, facial or other beauty treatment,” says Dr Phillip. “Perhaps that favourite restaurant that caters for their dietary requirements is putting on a special dinner. You can always contact the restaurant to request a specific dietary requirement for your special someone.”

Most importantly though, be flexible. “Be aware that if any issue erupts, it is not intentional, and they feel as sorry as you may feel,” says Dr Phillip. 

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