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7 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health With Steph Claire Smith

7 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health With Steph Claire Smith

Looking after our mental health is paramount to support our overall wellbeing. The demands of modern life mean that our minds and bodies are subject to insurmountable amounts of stress and anxiety and this can often leave us feeling unstable and overwhelmed. This is why we need to find ways to help take care of our mind.  

Whenever I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, there are a range of strategies that I implement to help me feel a little more in control. So, when I’m in need of a mental health boost, here are some of the things I turn to:

  1. I switch off social media.

    Having a digital detox lets my mind relax especially as so much of work is online. Whenever I do this I’m able to better identify and tackle my stress and I usually end up having better sleep too. I also love how much more present I am with those around me when I’m not as consumed with my phone.

  2. I meditate.

    Our Keep it Cleaner mediations are absolutely perfect for helping me to take a few minutes to refresh, reset or strip away any overwhelming feelings that I might be experiencing. Meditating allows me to take a moment to recognise any knots of discontent that I might be feeling. Giving me the opportunity to make peace with my feelings and let them fall away to insignificance as they simply aren't serving me. Meditating is one of my favourite ways to help my mind and body feel more relaxed and grounded.

  3. I eat food that fuels my soul.

    I love food and the recipe hub in the KIC app is bursting with so many delicious and nutritious recipes that it always has something to curb my cravings. Whether it be a nourishing green smoothie, a chocolate cookie or a cheesy pasta, feeding and fuelling my body is something that makes me happy and helps to boost my energy. Eating well always helps to lift my mood and feel a little brighter. It’s a seriously easy way to give my mental health a little boost.

  4. I move my body.

    Taking a moment to stretch and move my body does wonders for my mental well-being. Whether I go for a simple walk, do a KIC yoga flow or smash out a high intensity KIC workout, moving my body always helps me to clear my mind, escape the feelings of stress and releases endorphins. A workout never fails to boost my mental health.

  5. I lean on my family and friends.

    People are so wonderful, they bring us so much joy. Taking a moment to connect with another soul who loves and adores you is a beautiful feeling and is a powerful tool that never fails to help pull me out of any darkness and boost my mood.

  6. I rest.

    Sometimes all I need is a good sleep. Letting my mind and body be at total rest is one of the simplest things I do to help look after myself. Whenever I'm well rested I'm always more resilient and less susceptible to letting my head get the better of me.

  7. I accept that it's okay that I'm not okay.

    Acceptance is incredibly powerful. By acknowledging my feelings I'm already one step closer to being in control of those feelings which then allows me to deploy the best strategies to help overcome them. Whenever I can identify what's causing me to feel a little 'off' it is an immediate boost as I know I can help myself get through it.

I hope that in sharing this you'll be inspired to take control wherever you can and employ some of these strategies to help boost your mental health.

Aug 10, 2022

Great tips! Thanks for putting them into words! I needed this reminder today…!

Natalija Sljivic

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