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Five New Year’s resolutions that will nourish your soul

Five New Year’s resolutions that will nourish your soul

New Year’s resolutions have received a bad wrap these past few years, with many rejecting the notion of setting themselves up for failure. 

But there’s something about the clean slate of a new year that makes goal setting more appealing, and the goals more attainable. 

Maybe it’s not the notion that’s the problem but the resolutions themselves – losing weight, diets, and hitting the gym are common. In fact, many resolutions revolve around changing oneself completely, and how can anyone commit to that? We are who we are after all. 

But what if we set resolutions that changed our lives, rather than ourselves? Here are five resolutions we think are worthy of your time and effort. 

Start a new hobby

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to since you were little, but never got around to? It’s not too late! Ever wanted to learn ballet? Join an adult class. Want to try your hand at karate, give it a go! In four years, you just might have your black belt. Imagine yourself sitting in the bush at sunset, paining a landscape? Do it! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it just has to be yours. Learning is what sustains us as humans, it drives us in our youth, and there’s no reason why being a grown up should change that. 

Try new foods 

If you’re a meat and vegetable sort of a person, make 2023 the year you venture outside the safe zone when it comes to food. Try some foreign cuisine, mix things up a bit. Fancy yourself a cultural diner? Then take things a step further! Never tried escargot? Sashimi? Black pudding. Make a list of the foods you’re yet to taste, and make 2023 the year to make it happen. 

Pick up the phone 

It’s easy to default to text message as a way of keeping in contact with the ones we love. It’s handy, it doesn’t interfere with our day, and let’s face it, we’re busy! Picking up the phone can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. But in reality, the people in our lives are what make life worth living. And when it comes to how long we get to enjoy the ones we love, there are no guarantees. So make a commitment to pick up the phone, even if it’s just once a week, to call someone you love. Set aside half an hour, even fifteen minutes, and make it count. 

Find reasons to laugh 

They say laugher is the best medicine, and it couldn’t be more true. Is there a better feeling than the exhaustion felt after an uncontrollable belly laugh? It doesn’t matter whether it’s with a loved one or a complete stranger, an attack of the giggles just feels good. But life can get in the way, our focus on success can render us a little too serious. This year, find ways to laugh – rent a comedy, go to a stand-up show or join a laughing group. 

Do something every day that makes you happy 

With the cost of living going up, job insecurity on the rise, and the usual responsibilities of life, it can be easy for each day to blend into the next. Sure, you’re getting things done, but what are you doing for you? Take five minutes (or longer if you can) of every day to do something just for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. Watch your favourite show, read a chapter of your book, paint your nails, go for a nature walk. It doesn’t have to be worthy of an Instagram post, it just has to make you feel good while you’re doing it. 

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