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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

You better not cry.

You better not shout.

I mean, we know you might want to. Who doesn’t want to throw a mini tantrum when Christmas comes around this fast.

We’re all so busy trying to get through the end of the year, all the while knowing we have to find gifts for our family, extended family, friends, teachers – the list goes on.

Where to start? Right here, that’s where! Because when it comes to Christmas, we’ve got you covered!

Wrap Around Heat Packs

For anyone who needs to sooth their aching body – so basically anyone! – these babies are the perfect Christmas present.

With a 100% cotton covering in a range of cool colours, our wrap around heat packs come in a bunch of sizes to suit every body.

Much lighter than wheat and rice, these guys retain heat longer, and won’t sweat! Even better, you can also use it as a cold pack – just pop it into the freezer.

My-Grain Mask

Give someone the gift of a beautiful night’s sleep with our Lupin filled My-Grain Mask.

Just like our heat packs this eye mask can be heated up for a peaceful rest, or placed in the freezer and used cold to sooth those eyes after a late night Christmas party.

Measuring around 50-55cm, the My-Grain Mask is bound to fit most heads.

The Colouring Book

It’s the most magical time of the year, but it’s also super stressful. Help your loved ones calm their minds after the silly season with our grown up’s colouring book.

Illustrated by Eleonora Arosio, The Spoonie Society Colouring Book is a big one, measuring 250mm x 250mm.

The Sex Ed You Never Had

Who doesn’t want better sex for Christmas?

Perfect for the adults in your family, this book, by renowned psychosexologist Chantelle Otten, is everything you wanted to know about sex, but were too embarrassed to ask!

Sex Ed You Never Had is all about breaking myths about sex, your body, and the fun and pleasurable ways it can be used.

Spoonie Sleep Shirt

The biggest gift the pandemic gave us was more time and home. And with more time at home, comes more time in our pyjamas!

And if we’re going to wear pyjamas, might as well make them cute ones.

The Spoonie sleep shirt comes in grey or black, and is adorned with an adorable little rainbow.

If these aren’t enough, The Spoonie Shop has a whole bunch of other heat packs, clothes, books and other goodies.

Merry Christmas!

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