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3 Ways Gentle Movement Can Benefit Those With A Chronic Illness

3 Ways Gentle Movement Can Benefit Those With A Chronic Illness

When you have a chronic illness, gentle movement can be difficult. It may hurt, and it may not seem like a good use of your energy when you're already tired. However, there are many benefits to gentle movement that make it worthwhile for those managing a chronic illness. Here are some ways that gentle movement can benefit people with a chronic illness:

Gentle movement can help manage pain.

Gentle movement can help manage pain.

  • Endorphins are natural chemicals that your body produces to counteract pain and stress. They're released when you exercise, which is why people who exercise regularly often report feeling less stressed and more relaxed than those who don't work out. Gentle movement can also release endorphins, which can help reduce the amount of discomfort you feel as well as making it easier for you to sleep better at night.

  • Gentle movement helps keep muscles loose so they don't stiffen up (which can lead to increased joint pain), gives your bones a chance to strengthen over time, and increases blood flow throughout the body--allowing oxygenated nutrients from food sources or supplements like fish oil capsules reach every cell in need!

Gentle movement can help you feel better.

Moving your body can help you feel better in many ways. Gentle movement can make you feel more relaxed, balanced and alert. Moving your body is also a great way to manage stress, anxiety and depression which are common symptoms of chronic illness.

It's important to remember that gentle movement does not have to be strenuous or intense; even small movements can be beneficial if they're done slowly and mindfully with good posture. You may find it helpful to check in with yourself before beginning any new exercise routine by asking: "How am I feeling today?" If the answer is "not so good", then it might be better for now just to take some deep breaths or stretch out on the floor instead of starting off with an intense workout session!

Gentle movement can help you connect with your body.

Gentle movement can help you connect with your body. If you're someone who has a chronic illness and is used to feeling disconnected from your body, gentle movement is an important tool for helping you reconnect with it. The benefits of connecting with your body include:

  • Being able to tell when something isn't right in your body (for example, if there's pain or discomfort) and knowing what helps that feeling go away.

  • Learning how much activity is right for you at any given time, so that when you do something physical like walking around the block or taking a yoga class, it won't make things worse - or even help them!

Gentle, safe movements are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people with chronic illnesses

Gentle, safe movements are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people with chronic illnesses.

  • Gentle movement: Gentle movements are those that don't cause pain or discomfort and can be done by anyone regardless of their health status. Examples include walking around the block, stretching in bed before getting up, or stretching after sitting for long periods of time.

  • Safe way to move if you're in pain: If you have chronic pain, there may be some things that feel too intense or even impossible for you right now. However, there are ways to find safe ways to move through these feelings! You might try using pillows under your knees when doing yoga poses or lying on the floor instead of sitting up straight at work so that gravity helps take pressure off your back muscles (this might also help prevent headaches).

We encourage you to try gentle movement as part of a healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to find the motivation or energy to exercise when you're sick, but remember that gentle movement is not just about getting in shape - it's also about feeling better, managing pain and connecting with your body. If there are any movements that feel too uncomfortable or painful for you at first glance (like those involving lying flat on your back), then don't worry! There are plenty of alternative options available such as stretching exercises which may be just what you need right now.

If you're located in Melbourne, we have teamed up with Angea to hold a community workshop at our Spoonie HQ in Maribyrnong on Saturday 18th of March 2023. This workshop has been curated to make it accessible to people of all fitness levels including those experiencing pain or recovering from surgery. The morning will consist of gentle movement (specific to pelvic/nervous/endocrine), mindfulness and meditation, breath work, and gentle acupuncture. You're invited to harness the power and magic when community gather together.

This is an inclusive event, all are welcome, including supporters, carers, partners and friends of those living with chronic illness.

All funds raised go directly to PPEP Talk, your participation directly supports PPEP Talk and with each ticket sold, participants will receive a complimentary Spoonie Heat Pack & All Natural Pharmacy Endometriosis Tincture.

For more information and to buy tickets head to

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